Iron scrap

Brugnano supports public bodies, private companies and individual citizens in special waste management and recovery, as required by current legislation. In particular, the company deals with the recovery of iron scrap in Palermo and throughout Sicily. This waste often comes from the work processes of industries operating in different sectors, such as manufacturing, chemicals, shipbuilding and railways. In many cases ferrous scrap originates from companies that deal with civil and industrial demolition.

Brugnano works in total safety, relying on a team of collaborators and drivers specialized in collection, transport and recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. The use of equipment certified by law also guarantees an efficient and risk-free service.
Brugnano provides companies that need to deposit waste materials with special unloadable containers of various sizes and empties them when they are full.

In addition, the company offers a storage service for ferrous waste and scrap for third parties at its headquarters. Special vehicles owned by the company are used to transport the metal waste resulting from the recovery process of industries operating in the metallurgical and mechanical sector, which will be able to put it back into their production circuit. Recycling is a fundamental aspect of environmental and economic sustainability and it is one of the activities on which Brugnano focuses most of its work.

The company supports public bodies and private companies in the management of iron waste and scrap and designs customized solutions for recovery, treatment and delivery of recycled material. Brugnano's priority aim is to protect people safety and the healthiness of the environment, offering only quality services, also guaranteed by the certifications and authorizations that the company owns:
ISO 9001/15;
ISO 14001/15;
OHSAS 18001/07;
Storage permit according to ordinance number 573 of 26/11/12 and subsequent amendments and integrations;
Waste transport permit no. PA 00247 and subsequent amendments and integrations.
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