Asbestos remediation

Among the services offered by Brugnano stands out the asbestos remediation in civil and industrial buildings. Rapidity and quality characterize the intervention of asbestos removal, carried out by operators trained and adequately equipped to perform each phase of the work in total safety. The operators team are, in fact, perfectly trained and constantly updated to deal with this type of intervention, which must be performed according to precise procedures. The company provides its staff with all the equipment and protections necessary to safeguard both people's health and the environment.

Asbestos is a natural mineral characterized by a crystalline and fibrous structure. It was used in the past, especially in the construction industry for its outstanding thermal, electrical and acoustic insulation, as well as for its characteristic resistance to fire, but was totally banned in Italy since 1992. The production, processing and sale of asbestos has been prohibited because of its proven hazardousness. The presence of asbestos in a building is not risky in itself, but becomes so when it is subjected to corrosion and decay: inhalation of any fibres released into the environment causes serious respiratory diseases. Once the presence of asbestos has been ascertained, it is therefore advisable to carefully evaluate its conservation conditions and consider, through a careful analysis, its possibilities of deterioration.

Brugnano carries out asbestos reclamation operations in Palermo and throughout Sicily only after a thorough inspection of the polluted site that can highlight the actual condition of the material, defining the most appropriate methods of intervention, so as to eliminate any danger of pollution and contamination. The removal of asbestos is the most common technique of intervention and involves the elimination of any source of exposure to this material. This type of intervention must be carried out with the utmost care and attention, to avoid contamination and risks: the company ensures the use of state-of-the-art equipment that make the removal safe.